Sep 29, 07 at 06:44am
Old Man John was cutting his backyard grass one day when
he noticed Marsha, his neighbor, doing some gardening.

He shut off his lawnmower and walked over to the waist high
fence between their properties.

Making some small talk, he says, "Howdy Marsha. It
sure is hot today."

She looks up, gets up, and walks over and says, "Why
yes John. How have you been?"

John replies in a low voice, "Well, to be honest, I'm
a little frustrated and was hoping you could help."

Marsha says quickly, "Why whatever it is, I'll

So John says, "Would you let me kiss your bared breasts
for fifty dollars?"

Taken aback, Marsha is about to retreat when she thinks
to herself "His wife died six months ago. And Joe and
I really could use the money. What harm could it do just to
let him kiss them?"

So Marsha says to John, "Well, ok." And she looks
around to make sure no one is looking, pulls down her shirt
and bra and lifts up on her breasts to expose them.

John says "Oh, thank you." And he starts nuzzling
in her cleavage with his nose and then moving his head side
to side so his cheeks rub across her nipples.

"Well, go ahead and kiss them John." she says.

At which point John mumbles, "I can't."

"Why on earth not?!" she exclaims.

"Um, " says John.....

"because I don't have fifty dollars."