Your Celebrity Look-a-like

Your Celebrity Look-a-like

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Sep 28, 07 at 12:00pm
Up load a mug shot and face recognition software will identify you celebrity look-a-like.

Mine were:
1st Bob Dole 64%
2nd Ray Romano 53%
3rd Kevin Spacey 51%

Female match = QOrianka Kilcher 59&

WFT!!! Dole is 80 years old and ray has a big nose. I just don;t see it. I;m up loading my butt nest time. lmao
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Sep 28, 07 at 12:27pm
Courtney Cox - 72%

Tata Young - 71%

Elisha Cuthbert - 70%

Sezen Aksu - 68%

Jessica Lange - 68%

Nancy Kerrigan - 64%

Sophie Marceau - 63%

I just wish I looked half as good as any of the women they compared me with.

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Sep 28, 07 at 01:14pm
waaaaaaaaaaaaa - Shimon Peres!!! I want my money back. And how the f*** did they know from a face shot that I´m circumcised ?!??!?!?

I´d have been happier if it had said Skippy the bush Kangaroo :-(

Great site, mandrill, even if it didn´t work for me.....

And by the way dsq - you beat all of them in the list....except for maybe Sophie Marceau droool drooooool
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Sep 29, 07 at 07:55am
John Cleese 70%

Nick Lachey 60%

Gregory Hines 59%

Gaberial Lippmann 57%

Ringo Starr 53%

Niel Kinnock 51%

Vidkun Quisling 50%

John Major 49%

Bruce Willis 49%

Leszek Miller 48%

Some seem a bit odd to me

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Sep 29, 07 at 06:03pm
I had to do it again with a different pic. I'm much happier now.

62% a young Clint Eastwood
61% Bruce Willis
60% Francisco Franco
53% Leon Lai
53% Alec Baldwin
52% Alexi Denisof


Sep 29, 07 at 09:38pm
First pic
Karl Marx 66%
Albert Einstein 66%
then a bunch of people I hadn't heard of

second pic
Kirk Douglas 55%
Willie Nelson 54%
then it gets good
Russel Crow 53%
Michael Douglas 52%
and Cat Stevens at 52%


Sep 30, 07 at 06:42am
Has anyone ever thought about the potential for making money opening stores and stuff as lookalikes tee hee. I could be Courtney Coxs mum!

Where's the phone? Call my agent!
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Sep 30, 07 at 09:58pm
Ok I'm thinkin their software is malfunctioning! LOL

Demi Moore 73%
Maura Tierney 72%
Jordana Brewster 70%
Ofra Haza (who the hell is that? LOL) 68%
Bar Rafaeli 68%
Courtney Cox 62%
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Sep 30, 07 at 10:31pm
Ofra Haza:

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Oct 2, 07 at 07:56pm
alllllrighty then.... i watched that video.. could have lived with out it .. but i know who she is now LOL.