Wanted: Time machine.


Wanted to buy. A time machine able to go both backward and forwards in time. Must be able to seat four, leather interior, sunroof, bidet and sleeping facilities. Will pay extra for a red one.


  • Jul 17, 09 at 02:17pm
    Hey if you find one will you let me know please. I would like one too.
  • Deleted Member
    Jan 29, 10 at 01:14pm
    I have a time machine, it is the kryptogene Unisolastic Model, developed in 2135 by Acme Time Machines of Mars. Unfortunately it does not have a bidet but it does come with the personal omagatroyd which as you know takes care of all your personal needs, why do you want sleeping facilities ????

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Posted By Deleted Member, Jul 2, 09 at 03:42am
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